Ukraine Crisis

We are all aware of the crisis in Ukraine and the devastating consequences of the conflict with Russia. Already significant numbers of refugees have arrived in Scotland, all of whom will need access to homes and other services.

You will be aware that the Government has set up a scheme whereby individuals can offer accommodation within their home.

If this is something you wish to consider, you must seek permission from the Association to have other people moving into your home. We will not be able to allow you to do so, if the addition to your household would result in the property becoming overcrowded.

There are other factors that you should take into account if you are considering offering accommodation to refugees

– You would have to undergo checks through Disclosure Scotland

– It is possible that it would be some time before alternative accommodation would be available so you need to think about the impact of hosting an individual or family for a lengthy period

– Those fleeing Ukraine have experienced extremely traumatic events and may require additional support

If you do wish to consider hosting refugees within your home, please contact your Housing Officer in the first instance

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