When you report a repair, please give as much detail as possible about the problem.

During Office Hours

You can report a repair:

  • In person
  • By calling Novus Property Solutions on 01506 242 120 or 0800 093 8823
  • To report gas heating repairs call Lothian Gas on 0131 440 4666
  • In writing
  • By email or online through this website

You will be advised about the category of the repair and the target time to complete it. We will give priority to emergencies. We categorise each repair request to reflect the apparent seriousness of the situation:

Repair Type Type of Work Response Time
Emergency An immediate and significant threat to life or property. Attend and make safe within 2 hours.
Appointments You will be offered an appointment time for all other repairs. Within a target time of 13 working days.
Major Works Where consultation for repairs is required with owners. Up to 28 working days.

You can report Gas Central Heating Repairs direct to our Gas Contractor Lothian Gas on Tel: 0131-440-4666.

Repair Type Type of Work Response Time
Central Heating
Emergency / Urgent
Loss / partial loss
– gas supply
– space or water heating
Blocked flue
Significant leak from heating pipes / tanks
Within 4 hours

Outwith Office Hours

If you need to report an emergency repair

  • In the evening
  • At weekends
  • On public holidays

Please call Lothian Gas for Gas and Heating repairs on 0131 440 4666

For all other emergency repairs please call Novus Property Solutions on 01506 242 120 or 0800 093 8823

This service should only be used in genuine emergencies, that is, those repairs which cannot wait until the office re-opens – such as leaking pipes, complete loss of heat or power. Our Emergency Contractors will attend and make safe – any follow up repairs will be completed in the following days.

Report a Repair Online

Use this link and complete the form to inform us of your repair request. Once submitted, your request will get dealt with as soon as possible as we receive the details within 3 minutes of you submitting it.

Repairs Responsibilities

In accordance with your tenancy agreement the Association is responsible for the majority of the repairs to your property. There are a number of items that are your responsibility as a tenant. You can check these on our Repairs Responsibilities list.

Access To Your Home

You should offer reasonable access to the tradesman to undertake the repair. We work with our Contractors to take account of days and times when it is not suitable for you to provide access.

The Association may require access from time to time to carry out safety inspections or surveys of the stock condition. We will give you a minimum of 14 days notice of the need for access.

In the event of an emergency, and if you are unable to provide immediate access to the property, the Association may gain access, using force if necessary – a police presence will be requested.

Rechargeable Repairs

You are responsible for taking reasonable care of your home. This responsibility includes carrying out minor repairs and redecoration. You are also responsible for repairing damage caused by yourself, anyone living with you or visiting you, through negligence or misuse.

If the Association carries out a repair that is your responsibility you will be recharged the cost. For example, where you have failed to take proper care of your property and you or a member of your household caused damage, you must carry out a repair to an acceptable stanadard or you will have to repay costs to the Association. The Association will seek to recover the cost of repairs which are deemed rechargeable where tenants leave or transfer to other properties. Examples of the types of repairs you may be recharged include forced entries, replacement door locks & keys, loss of power through faulty appliances, damage caused to internal fixtures and fittings e.g. internal doors or walls etc…

Standard charges apply to the most “common” repairs out however, if a repair is not standard you will be charged the actual amount the contractor charges the Association. An additional 15% administration charge is added to every rechargeable account issued, this is discounted if paid within 28 days of invoice.

If the repair is due to vandalism, you must first report the incident to the Police and contact us with the incident number or you may be charged for the cost of the repair work.

Lost Keys

You are responsible for replacement keys to your property, for gaining entry to your house and repairs to doors and frames through forcing entry. We do not hold any spare keys for your home.

For more Information regarding responsibilities for repairs, please contact the Asset Management and Repairs Team.

Gas Escapes

If you smell gas, you should report this immediately – day or night – by calling free to the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 – 111- 999. The national gas emergency service is operated by Scotia Gas Networks.

You will be asked for details on:

  • Address/ location of suspected gas escape / emergency
  • When the smell was first noticed
  • Where smell is most noticeable
  • Your name
  • Access information

You should:

  • Ventilate the building by opening doors and windows
  • Turn the gas supply off at the meter
  • Avoid using electrical switches / appliances
  • Avoid used of naked flames / do not smoke

Scotland Gas Networks aim to attend uncontrolled gas escapes within one hour of receiving a report.

Loss of Power Supply

This should be reported to Scottish Power Energy Networks by calling on 0800 0270404.

Water, Sewerage and Drainage Problems

These should be reported to Scottish Water by calling on Emergencies 0845 6008855 Customer Service / Special Assistance 0845 6018855.