Medical Adaptations

Would you benefit from an alteration or adaptation to your home, due to your changing needs and to allow you to continue to live independently at home?

For example:

  • Walk-in shower
  • Ramp access to your property

You may ask the Association for assistance to have permanent adaptation work undertaken if it is needed on medical grounds. You should firstly raise the matter with your doctor who will arrange an appointment with an Occupational Therapist from the CEC Social Work Department, to fully assess your needs and make a referral to the Association.

It is sometimes impossible to adapt a house to meet all the needs of an individual. In these cases, the Association will meet with you and consider other options to meet your housing needs.

There are 12 Social Work Centres across Edinburgh, to find your local centre contact:

City of Edinburgh Council
Social Care Direct
40 Captain’s Rd
Edinburgh EH17 8HN
Tel: 0131-200-2324