Service Charge Consultation Summer 2019

As mentioned during the Rent Review consultation last year, this year we are conducting a review of our service charges. The Association provides services such as stair cleaning and garden maintenance for some of its properties. Where additional services like this are provided, it is the Association’s policy to recharge the cost of these services to the tenants who benefit from them.

We have reviewed all of the additional services that we provide and how we recharge the costs of these to tenants. The review has highlighted some areas where we need to make changes in order to ensure that the costs of the services provided are being consistently recharged to tenants. We have sent letters to all tenants regarding the proposed changes which will affect their properties.

For those tenants whose monthly charge is not affected, we are not asking you to make any comments, but for those whose monthly charge is changing, we hope that you will be in touch. Our letter to you has a reply envelope attached to assist you.

Any views expressed will be reported to the Board and taken into account in agreeing the final service charges that will be applied from 1 April 2020.

You can find a copy of our full Rent & Service Charge Policy under ‘Policies’ and some Service Charge Frequently asked Questions under ‘Leaflets’ at https://www.manorestates.org.uk/tenants/publications/. If you have any further queries, please contact one of our Neighbourhood Housing Administrators in the first instance.

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