Landscape Maintenance forms the bulk of the work carried out in the majority of estates. This is maintenance of the shared open spaces that are not maintained by the City of Edinburgh Council.

Generally the Council has responsibility for roads and footpaths / thorough –ways. This leaves grass, shrub beds and certain footpaths to be maintained jointly by the householders on the estate.

Failure to maintain these open spaces would lead to the severe detriment of the estate and could eventually have a negative effect on property values in the area.

The charges invoiced to owners are the cost of landscaped maintenance work carried out within each estate. The cost of this work is charged equally to all properties within the estate including those occupied by tenants of the Association.

Public landscaping are areas within the estate which can be accessed by all residents. Private landscaping are areas which are restricted to residents who have access to a particular locked area; only those residents with access to these private areas are charged for the cost of maintaining them.

Our contractor carries out the following works:

  • Grass cutting – Fortnightly between mid March and mid October. Cuttings are not lifted unless growth rate has been excessive. The cost of lifting the cuttings is additional to the ongoing contract.
  • Litter collection on grassed areas – Fortnightly between mid March and mid October and monthly during the winter months.
  • Hard surface weed control – Usually treated twice a year where required.
  • Shrub bed maintenance – Monthly visits from March to September to remove surface litter and tidy. A further visit to prune, weed and remove litter is carried out during winter months. Some shrubs are also pruned in the summer depending on their type and rate of growth.
  • Hedge maintenance – Pruned and rubbish removed once or twice a year depending on type and rate of growth.

Tree Management

Due to the large number of trees on some of our estates we have developed a Tree Management Policy – click here to access this.

All trees are inspected on a five year cycle by specialist consultants. The trees are “tagged” and a report on their condition, with any recommendation of works to be undertaken, is provided. We carry out the recommendations received.