Manor Estates Housing Association provides a factoring (property management) service in the estates where we own properties.

Factoring Service

The purpose of the factoring service is to ensure that the shared areas within each estate are properly maintained; this is in the interest of all residents, whether tenants or home owners.

The shared areas can include landscaped areas such as grass, shrubs and trees as well as any footpaths or garage areas which are not maintained by the City of Edinburgh Council. For flats, the shared areas also include common parts of the building like the roof, stair entrance door and external walls.

Where there are a number of different property owners in an estate it makes sense for one organisation to co-ordinate and arrange the necessary maintenance of shared areas. Manor Estates carries this out in our role as factor. But, although we organise the maintenance work, we are not responsible for paying for all the works costs.

All property owners within an estate are legally responsible for paying their share of the maintenance costs and the costs we incur in providing the factoring service. Our tenants pay their share of these costs as part of their rent; home owners are invoiced for their share either annually or six monthly.

Details of home owners’ responsibilities are set out in the Title Deeds for their property.

The information below is intended for owners of flats who bought their property from Manor Estates or another owner after 1988. It does not apply to owners of houses or flats bought before 1988.

Please click on the link below to view the Written Statement of Services that applies to you.

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Repairs deposit

Flat owners are required to pay a repairs deposit of £50 when they buy their property. This requirement is set out in the Title Deeds and is necessary as payment towards any communal repair costs which have been instructed and paid for before the cost is charged to the individual owner’s account. This charge is refunded to the owner when the flat is resold.

Building Insurance

This is a policy which covers the Association’s properties as well as all owner occupied flats. This is automatically renewed every year and a cover note is issued to each flat owner advising of the insured value and premium.

Common Repairs

Where the Association has carried out repairs to the shared areas within a block of flats, each flat owner is charged their share of the cost of the work when the next invoice is issued. We will notify owners beforehand if the cost of the works is estimated to be more than £50 per flat.

Notification of Costs

For works where we know in advance that a flat owner’s share of any essential maintenance is likely to exceed £50, we will write to you, normally stipulating a timescale for acceptance of the charges. Where we have to carry out emergency maintenance or repairs we will endeavour to keep you informed of likely costs. The Association will not carry out any non essential works within the block or estate unless the majority of owners agree in advance to meet their share of the cost.

Services We Do Not Provide

We do not provide an Estate Management service to you as a homeowner. For example, we will not become involved in any neighbourhood problems unless one party is a tenant of the Association and there is clear evidence of a breach of the Tenancy Agreement.

We cannot take up issues with other agencies on your behalf. As a home owner you will have to deal with these other agencies direct – for example issues you wish to raise with the police or the local authority.