If you are registered you can access the portal by clicking on or typing in the link or by scanning the QR code.


The Portal will allow you to check your account and update the information about you we have stored on our computer system. The portal will work from a PC, a tablet (such as an iPad) and a smartphone.

To register for the service, you will need to enter your tenancy reference, email address and mobile phone number – these will be checked against our records. In addition, the system will ask for your date of birth as an additional check. When you register you will be able choose a username and password

Choose a password and user name carefully so you can remember them. You might want to share this information with a family member so they can see your account information. Remember anyone with this login information will be able to access personal information about you so be careful who you share it with. Only save the password to your phone if you lock your phone with a pin or biometrically with a fingerprint or face recognition.

Our staff will never ask you for your user name or password under any circumstances.

You won’t be able to register if the information we hold doesn’t match exactly with the information you type in. If you think your contact details we have for you are out of date please get in touch with us to update them. You won’t be able to login until the information matches.

If you have any queries or want to check before registering please get in touch with our Housing Team on 0800 093 8823 option 5. You can also email us at housingassistantteam@manorestates.org.uk.

When you set up your account you will need to choose a username which can’t be your email address and must contain letters and numbers.

Register here: Manor Estates | Register for Web Service

Initially the service is being offered to tenants, we plan to offer a similar service to owners.

Forgotten Passwords

If you have forgotten your password you can get a reminder here: Manor Estates | Account access