Manor Estates wants to encourage and support our customers to get involved in the work of the Association. We have developed a Tenant Participation Strategy which aims to offer as many opportunities as possible for tenants to be involved in the work that we do.

Tenant Participation Framework

Manor Estates Housing Association is committed to working with tenants and giving all customers the opportunity to get involved with the work that we do. The Board recently approved a revised tenant participation framework which outlines what we will be doing to develop our approach in this area. The framework can be accessed here.

We are about to consult tenants on the review of our Customer Engagement Strategy – more information will be available soon.

If there is any aspect of the Association’s approach to involving tenants that you would like to discuss in further detail contact Carolyn Hughes at the office.

Influencing the Association’s Work

We want to take account of our customers’ views when we are developing or reviewing services and associated policies and procedures.  We will offer a range of options when we are consulting you – these could include:

  • Surveys – postal, telephone, via email, web-based
  • Ad hoc working groups
  • One-to one conversations
  • Formal tenant groups
  • Local meetings

We very much appreciate it when customers tell us what they think about any proposals to make changes to services or policies – so please do respond to us if you can.

Residents’ Groups

Manor Estates has always been committed to the principles of involving tenants in the work of the Association. We provide support and assistance to local people who want to set up Residents’ Groups to deal with issues which are important to their communities.
In working with established and new Residents Groups we will:

  • Provide venues and administrative support for meetings.
  • Provide training for tenants on policies, procedures, legislation and any other relevant issues.
  • Consult all tenants’ groups on all policy reviews.
  • Support and develop any groups who wish to become Registered Tenants’ Organisations.

If you are interested in setting up a Residents’ Group or want to know if there is one in your area, please contact us.

Becoming a Member

We want to encourage tenants and other service users to become members of the Association. Anyone with an interest in housing in Edinburgh can become a member of the Association. In line with our commitment to equal opportunities and diversity, membership is open to all sections of the community. We particularly welcome membership applications from underrepresented groups such as:

  • People from black and ethnic minority communities
  • Individuals with a disability
  • Younger people

Members are entitled to attend and vote at the Association’s Annual General Meeting and to stand for election to our Board. Lifetime membership of the Association costs just £1 and in return we will send you copies of our regular newsletters and Annual Report. If you want to know more about membership of the Association or to apply, please contact us at the office.