Complaints – What We Do When We Get Things Wrong

The Association’s Complaints Handling Procedure makes it clear that we welcome complaints from customers who are dissatisfied with any aspect of the services they have received. Complaints are a valuable source of feedback on the services provided. They give us the opportunity to put things right where the level of service customers expect has not been provided and can inform improvements to policies and procedures.

And complaints do make a difference. As a direct result of complaints received during 2018/19:

* Housing Officers and Technical Officers met to discuss the Alterations & Improvements Policy, seeking to ensure that consistent and correct advice is given to tenants.

* Procedures for reporting situations where tenants have been abusive, and particularly where recommending that tenancy be flagged as ‘Do not visit alone’ were reviewed.

* New telephone system being considered and will offer the option to record calls.

* Guidelines on how consultation exercises are carried out have been developed and implemented.

* We are having regular meetings with our reactive repairs contractor to discuss concerns and seeking improvements to the service provided.

Further information about how we deal with complaints and about the number of complaints received during 2018/19 is noted below.

The Association deals with complaints in two different ways:

Stage 1 Complaints – our aim is that these complaints can be dealt with quickly and effectively by front line staff. In many cases, the response can be immediate, however if the member of staff is not able to give an answer straight away, our aim is to respond within 5 working days.


Stage 2 Complaints – these are usually complaints where the person complaining remains dissatisfied with our response to a Stage 1 complaint – or where the matter being complained about requires more detailed investigation. Stage 2 complaints are usually investigated by a senior manager who is not involved in provision of the service being complained about.


Manor Estates is committed to transparent communication of our performance against criteria set by the bodies which regulate us.

To see how we’re performing against our targets, see the below table containing performance data.