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Applying for a House

Manor Estates Housing Association participates in EdIndex, Edinburgh’s common housing register.

We allocate our empty properties through Key to Choice – click here to view EdIndex website.

Through our subsidiary, Manor Estates Associates Limited (MEAL), we also offer a number of flats for mid-market rent – designed to assist those households who are unlikely to have sufficient priority to enable them to access social rented housing, but whose income is at a level that means they cannot afford to access private rented accommodation at full market level or buy property. Full details of our mid-market rent housing and how to apply are available. Please click here.

How Do I Apply?

The first thing you need to do is complete an EdIndex application form. Application forms are available from our office, any City of Edinburgh Council office or from any other housing association office. Completed forms can also be returned to any of these offices.

You must be registered with EdIndex to be able to be considered for vacancies.

Your application will be categorised as a ‘Starter’ if you are:

  • Homeless;
  • Staying with a friend or relative;
  • Staying in a hostel;
  • Staying in supported accommodation;
  • Having a relationship breakdown; or
  • Renting a house or flat from a private landlord.

Your application will be categorised as a ‘Mover’ if you are:

  • A Council tenant;
  • A tenant of a housing association or housing co-operative;
  • Part of a joint tenancy with the Council or a housing association;
  • A tenant of tied accommodation that is provided by your employer; or
  • An owner-occupier

What do I Do Next?

Once you have registered with EdIndex, you can submit bids for empty properties you want to apply for. Please click here to view EdIndex website.

Adverts give full details of the property, including the number of rooms, where it is, the amount of rent and if there are any particular restrictions about who can apply.

You can submit bids for up to 3 advertised vacancies each week.

How Do I Submit a Bid?

Once you have seen a property you are interested in, there are a number of ways you can submit a bid:

  • Online via the Key to Choice website;
  • Telephone the Council on 0131 529 5080

You can place your bids on the Key to Choice website or by contacting EdIndex using or 0131 529 5080.

If you are not sure how to bid, you can contact our office for assistance.

What Happens Next?

We will run a shortlist of applicants after the closing date – and will contact you if you have been successful. If the property is allocated to someone else, we will not contact you directly.

Advice and Assistance

If you require any additional advice or assistance about how to apply for housing, please contact the office.

Here you can download a copy of our Allocation Policy